The No Name Storm - Oct 30 1991
(aka The Perfect Storm)
Copyright © 2000-2013 Bruce E. Simons. All rights reserved.
This is the actual satellite image of the Perfect Storm.
NOAA - The Real Perfect Storm 
As seen in the pictures, the destruction was incomprehensible. Porches, rooves, gates and other parts of homes lay dismantled. Boats took space in random yards as they were flown from the sea. Homes were even torn off of their foundations, many reduced to construction rubble. The satellite image of the Perfect Storm shows just how large this storm was.
Trick or Treat - the No Name Storm
All photos taken by Bruce Simons in Scituate, MA
a couple of days after the storm
Peggotty Beach
Peggotty Beach
Peggotty Beach
Lighthouse Point